Thyromine Reviews

Thyromine Reviews

Did you know that nearly 11 million of us have a hypo-active thyroid? And that Hypothyroidism is linked to obesity and high cholesterol? Fortunately our Thyromine Reviews can help. Hypothyroidism, also called under-active thyroid, is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone to regulate the needs of the body. Even though it is linked to many of our modern day ills, many of us are unaware that our thyroid may be the culprit.

Before reading our Thyromine Reviews, please review the symptoms below to see if Thyromine is right for you.

thyromine reviewsSo What Thyroid Supplements are Available?

Remember, your thyroid cannot fix itself alone. This is why many physicians recommend supplementing your diet with an all natural thyroid supplement such as Thyromine. Fortunately for you, we have already reviewed the three most popular thyroid health supplements on the market today in our Thyromine Reviews below. We gathered 30 participants and conducted a double blind study testing three of the products found below.  All these products were effective at improving  thyroid function, resulting in weight loss and boosted energy levels, however some performed better than others. Many participants were amazed at how much weight they lost and how much more energy they had. Our top three choices are as follow:

#1.  Thyromine

Thyromine ReviewThyromine was our top performing natural thyroid supplement out of the three that we tested. Participants saw results in as quickly as 14 days!   Most participants reported an increase in energy and a significant  decrease in depression symptoms, and felt happier overall. They also   reported decreased irritability with improved memory and focus. Twelve percent of the participants that used Thyromine even reported losing  over ten pounds after their first month of use. We found these results remarkable, they were better than we had anticipated. We believe the reason Thyromine performed so well is because of its natural blend of rare herbs. These include a nutrient rich sea vegetable called Nori, and bovine powders of thyroid and adrenalin. These Thyromine Ingredients are designed to work together, each assisting the other. This particular formula makes the ingredients more bio-available to the thyroid. Based on the results   Thyromine was clearly our top performer, and we highly recommend it to all of our patients.

#2.  Thyroid Essentials

Thyroid Essentials ReviewsThyroid Essentials was the runner up in our study. Thyroid Essentials was still effective at boosting thyroid function, however it took longer to work than Thyromine. Participants did not report any improvements until three weeks of   use; this was a seven days shorter than Thyromine. Also we did not get nearly as many reports of decreased depression and irritability symptoms from participants using Thyroid Essentials. On the upside, participants did report losing weight with Thyroid Essentials. The top participants reported losing between three to seven pounds using Thyroid Essentials.   Even though this is not as much weight lost as participants using Thyromine, we were still happy to see participants losing weight; this means that these products are delivering what they promise. For these reasons, Thyroid Essentials takes our number two position. If Thyromine is out of stock, we recommend this as the next best alternative.

Thyroid Essentials

3.  Thyroid Assist

Thyroid Assist ReviewsThyroid Assist clinched the last spot in our study. This supplement was by our poorest performer. Many participants felt little to no  difference while using this Thyroid Assist. We received feedback mentioning only slight weight loss . The most weight lost was three pounds after one month.   But this was the only feedback we received by participants. We   saw no significant evidence that Thyroid Assist boosted thyroid function. Most participants said they felt the same at the end of the month as they did before they even started taking Thyroid Assist. For these reasons, Thyroid Assist comes in last place. We currently do not recommend this product to any of our patients.Thyroid Assist

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